ROLE: Branding | Outdoor | Print        AGENCY: Drew London
Create a fresh new look and feel without forgetting the roots and foundation that has made Brixton Cycles who they are today. Celebrating a new era while remembering their heritage.
The overall design encompasses the keywords, Connection, Grit and Vintage. All these words reflect what Brixton Cycles has represented throughout the ages. 
The cursive design reflects the ‘connection’ between the community and the shop, it is also inspired by the retro font style often used in the 90’s, around the same time the shop was founded. In addition, the rugged look/feel showcases the grit and ‘hands on’ approach of the people who work there. All encouraging feelings of nostalgia and timelessness. Lastly, keeping with the original colours which reflects the Afro Caribbean influence that gives Brixton its multicultural charm.
Client Project

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